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Selection Criteria*

Each year, IWF selects a geographically, culturally, ethnically, and professionally diverse group of up to 45 leaders in corporate, government, nonprofit, academic, and entrepreneurial and social impact organizations. In this competitive process, IWF seeks candidates with the following characteristics:


  • Track records of significant direct accomplishments within their organizations
  • Positions of substantial professional responsibility, scope, and decision-making authority
  • Expanding influence in their companies, fields, or industries


  • Recognition within their organizations as valued leaders, as evidenced by awards, promotions, and inclusion in corporate succession plans
  • External recognition of achievements by industry, community, or other relevant organizations


  • Exemplary integrity, strength of character, and interpersonal skills
  • Records of bringing about positive change and taking action for women in their organizations or communities
  • Ambition and ability to lead at the highest professional levels and to support colleagues’ growth and advancement


  • Capacity to both contribute to and gain from the Leadership Fellows Program
  • Willingness to share knowledge and lessons from the program through completion of a Legacy Project during the fellowship
  • Ability to participate fully in all program activities, including three 5-day in-person training sessions and approximately 50 hours of independent work with an IWF mentor, on a Legacy Project, preparing for in-person sessions, and participating in virtual meetings

* While designed for women leaders (and likely most beneficial to those who identify as such), the program is open to all who otherwise fulfill the selection criteria. 

Application Deadline

2024-2025 Leadership Fellows Program applications are due June 1, 2024

For More Information

Download the program brochure here or go to IWF's website.